Tarakasur was a cruel demon who performed severe austerities to please Lord Brahma. Brahma got pleased and gave him the boon that only Shiva's son will kill him. As Shiva had no son when he was grieving the loss of his first wife Sati, Tarakasur rejoiced and he defeated the Gods and become the ruler of the three worlds. The Gods prayed to Adi Shakti to be reborn in the world again. Adi Shakti heeded to their demand and she was reborn as Parvati in the house of King Himavan and Queen Menavati. In course of time, Parvati grew up and pleased Lord Shiva by her severe penances and he gave her the boon that he would marry her. Later, Lord Shiva and Parvati married one another and both of them gave birth to Kartikeya, their son who later killed Tarakasur in a brutal battle.

Tarakasur's Determination