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Sati (DKDM)


Sati was the previous female protagonist of Devon ke Dev...Mahadev, and portrayed by Mouni Roy.


As the human form the Goddess Adi Shakti, Sati was born to Daksh, a staunch Vishnu devotee, and her sole purpose in life was to marry Shiva. Despite numerous obstacles, especially her father's adamant disapproval due to his enmity towards Shiva, Sati and Shiva were married.

However, their married life soon came to an abrupt end: unable to bear her father's insults towards her husband, Sati gave up her physical form and all her biological ties with Daksh. She was later reborn as Parvati to marry Shiva again, and this time, till eternity.


Sati is very beautiful, with long black hair that is usually tied into a braid, and the fair golden complexion of auspicious turmeric. As a Princess, she is always richly dressed, and adorned with precious stones and metals, but especially pearls.


Beautiful, true-hearted, graceful, and determined, Sati cared dearly for her parents and her family. However, she is also deeply and irrevocably in love with Shiva, which led her to give up her own life when her father insulted her husband.


Eight-Armed Goddess Shakti Ready To Destroy Creation

Sati as Adi Shakti

Sati was famous for possessing all the qualities of an ideal Princess: she could sing well, play the veena skillfully, and dance brilliantly. When provoked to breaking point, however, Sati would assume a ferocious divine form with eight arms, each and everyone of which would be holding a divine weapon.