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Queen Prasuti

Queen Prasuti is Sati's mother and Prajapati Daksh's wife. She is also the daughter of Swayambhu Manu. In the series, she was first against her daughter marrying Shiva but later agreed to it and also supported her.

She is potrayed by Shalini Kapoor Sagar.


Prasuti is depicted as a queen,which she is. She is shown wearing rich sarees and many ornaments.


Prasuti is a very caring,loving and gentle mother. She loves her daughters very much. Prasuti is also an obedient and good wife.


Prasuti was born to Swayambhu Manu. Later in life,she married Prajapati Daksh and gave birth to many daughters.Her daughters Khyati and Aditi married Rishi Bhrigu and Rishi Kashyap,respectively. Her daughters Revati and Rohini were married to Chandrama.

Her youngest daughter,Sati fell in love with Lord Shiva. She initially opposed this and tried to explain Sati the she could not marry Shiva.But later,she understood that her daughter was meant to marry Shiva and thus began to support her.

At Daksh's yagya,she tried to stop her husband from insulting Shiva in front of Sati,but was unsuccessful.Then,she also tried to stop Sati from giving up her life,but was unable to do so.After Daksh's death,she plead to Mahadev to restore her husband's life,which he did.

She later accompanied her husband to Kashi,where she met Parvati.When she saw Parvati,she felt as if her daughter Sati had returned(which in fact was right,as Parvati was Sati in her previous life).