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Narad Muni

Dev Rishi Narad or Narad Muni is the son of Brahma (making him the brother of Daksh) and a devotee of Lord Vishnu. He was cursed by Daksh for what Daksh viewed as misleading his sons. His curse keeps him travelling the three worlds chanting "Narayan ,Narayan " and is famous for creating fights between people and spicing up facts. On behalf of Lord Vishnu, he tries to draw Lord Shiva attention toward Sati and also tries to unite Lord Shiva and Adi Shakti,in her human forms.

He is potrayed by Shailesh Dattar.


Narad Muni is depicted wearing orange clothes(bhagwe vastra) like many great sages and monks and is shown to carry a tanpura along with him. He also wears malas of tulsi beads and a garland of flowers.


Narad Muni's personality is quite complex. Even though he seems playful and happy all the time,he can also become serious and wise. Narad Muni is very intelligent and does many miraculous tasks on lord Vishnu's behalf.

He is known for gossiping and knows all the news from around the universe. He is also known for creating fights among people by spicing up facts.