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Queen Mainavati

Mainavati,is King Himavan's wife,mother to Parvati and Ganga.She is an over protective mother,who worries on seeing Parvatis inclination towards Mahadev as a child and is unwilling towards the alliance.

She is potrayed by Mugdha Shah


As she is a queen,she wears beautiful saree and lots of jewellery.Her jewellery is mostly made of turquoise.


She an over-protective mother. She does not want her daughter to marry Shiva,as he is an ascetic and according to her will not be able to give her daughter all the comfort and happiness of that of a princess.


Mainavati married King Himavan and gave birth to two sons and many daughters. While her sons became mountains,her daughters were turned into rivers,except for Parvati

Once,when going to visit the Balaji Temple,Himavan and Mainavati came across a Shakti Peetha and protected it from the asuras. Later,their daughter Ganga was also turned into a river and taken to Swarga(heaven).

Soon after that,Mainavati gave birth to a daughter at the Balaji Temple. But,her husband had to go for a war,and hence she had to live in Rishi Dadhichi's ashram.

At the ashram,she tried to keep Parvati away from Shiva and from worshipping him,but was unable to do so.Later,her husband came back and took her and her daughter back to their kingdom.

Her daughter,Parvati grew up and fell in love with Shiva. Mainavati strongly opposed this, and kept on telling Parvati that she could not marry Shiva.