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Madnike was an unbound dancer and was formerly Sati's dance teacher. She is almost like a mother to Sati and at first, discouraged her from getting attracted towards Shiva. But she later encouraged Sati to love Lord Shiva after she realized the depth of Sati's devotion and love for Lord Shiva. She is a devotee of Lord Shiva.

She is potrayed by Rakshandha Khan.


Madanike is shown wearing bright colored sarees and lots of heavy gold ornaments.

Later,after turning into a tapaswini,she is shown wearing a brownish red colored saree and no ornaments.


Madanike is quite intelligent and is able to figure out what going in your mind. She is also very caring and is concerned especially about Sati.


Madanike was a dancer. She was also formerly Sati's dance teacher. She considered Sati as her daughter and loved her very much.

Later,she came to visit Daksh's palace during Vasatosav. She soon figured out that Sati was in love and later was shocked to find out that it was Mahadev, himself ,with whom she had fallen in love with. She initially discouraged Sati from getting attracted towards Shiva,but later was the first one to encourage Sati to love Lord Shiva.This is when,we find out that Madanike is actually, Lord Shiva devotee.

When Sati goes into yog nirdra after dancing with Lord Shiva,she vows that she would become a tapasvini,if Sati is cured. After Sati was cured,she turned herself into a tapasvini.

When she was about to leave the palace,she was accused and insulted by Queen Prasuti and Prajapati Daksh for misguiding their daughter and also considered her to be the reason of Sati falling for Shiva. Prajapati Daksh got more furious,when he found out that Madanike is a Shiv bhakt and again insulted her and tried to destroy the Shivlinga that she wass worshiping,but was unable to do so. She was banished from the kingdom by Daksh.

She again met Sati during Mahashivratri and encouraged her win Shiva by not just loving Him,but also worshiping him. She also promised to dance again only when Sati gets married to Shiva.

When Sati gets married to Shiva,Madanike does come and dances on the song "Abhinandan hai".