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Goddess Lakshmi is the second of the tridevis and is the goddess of Wealth and prosperity. She is married to Lord Narayana and helps him maintain Balance in the Universe.


Goddess Lakshmi wears a red beautiful looking Saree and wears a crown showing her authority along with her husband Lord Narayana and also wears necklace and bangles of gold representing her as the goddess of wealth.


Being One of the tridevis she is greatly respected among the devas and all living beings and her powers are way beyond of human comprehension.

  • Wealth and prosperity: If she is prayed with the right karma then wealth and prosperity is will come upon in ones life.
  • Teleportation: She is able to appear anywhere in the universe.
  • Disguise and Shape Shifting :She has used this power to once disguise as an old lady.
  • Boons: She is able to grand a wish to any devote to help them in their life.