Princess Khyati

Princess Khyati is the eldest daughter of Daksh Prajapati and Prasuti. Everyone listens to her including Sati. For Khyati right is right and wrong is wrong like her father. But on the other hand she loves Sati as much as everyone else and want her to be perfect among all sisters. She is married to Rishi Bhrigu.

She is potrayed by Rishina Kandhari.

Appearance Edit

Khyati is quite thin and being a princess wear rich and beautiful sarees and many ornaments.

Personality Edit

Khyati is the strict one out of all her sisters. She would not let anyone upset her father. But,she does love and care for her sisters,especially Sati. She was initially against Sati's marriage with Shiva and supported her father. But,once when her father insulted her husband because of his ego. She understood that her father was wrong and for Sati's happiness supported her in her decision.

History Edit

Khyati was Prajapati Daksh's and Prasuti's eldest daughter. Later,when she grew up,she was married to Rishi Bhrigu. She stayed in the palace even after marriage,because her husband agreed to be a ghar-jamata.

Later,her sister Sati fell in love with Shiva. Khyati initially opposed it,but later accepted it with happiness and also supported her sister. At Daksh's yagya,she tried to stop Sati from giving up her life,but failed to do so.

Later,she left her father's house with her husband and went to live in his ashram.