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Katyayani is the sixth form of Goddess Durga, she is the sixth among Navadurgas. She is seen in the form of Goddess Durga killing Mahishasur and known as Mahishasur Mardini as well.

Katyayani Riding on a Lion

Maa Durga as Katyayani

Ten-Armed Goddess Durga and Her Lion Kills Mahishasur

Katyayani as Goddess Durga Killing Mahishasur


There once was a sage named Katyayan, who had a son named Katya. The wish of sage Katyayan was that Mother Goddess should take birth in his house as his daughter, to please the Goddess, sage Katyayan performed austere penance for many years. Finally, the Goddess was pleased, by accepting Katyayan's prayer, she took in his house in the form of a daughter. Because of this, the Mother Goddess's sixth manifestation was called Katyayani. Also it is said that Parvati transformed into Katyayani, with Durga's shape and she killed Mahishasur after a long duel

Katyayani With Four Arms Riding on a Lion

Parvati as Katyayani


Four-Armed Goddess Katyayani Riding on Lion

Goddess Durga as Katyayani


Katyayani has a gold complexion, wears red garments, jewels, possessing four hands, holding a sword and lotus in two hands while the other two discard fears and bless worshippers. Her vehicle is a lion.

Four-Armed Katyayani Riding on Lion

Mata Katyayani