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Ganga,is older sister to Parvati,and is the Scared River Goddess Ganga.She is born to King Himavan and Queen Mainavati,but later on resides in Swarga on Lord Bramha's request.She has a strong attraction towards Mahadev who rebukes her,hence making her bitter towards him.

She is potrayed by Deepika Upadhyay


Ganga is a beautiful young girl. She is depicted wearing mostly white clothes along with pearl jewellery. She also wears flowers in her hair which are not tied up.


Ganga is a free-spirited girl. She is also quite stubborn,impatient and arrogant. But,she is also very brave. She was deeply hurt when Shiva rejected her and asked her to forget about him and was also quite shocked and seemed a bit jealous,when she found out that Shiva would be marrying her younger sister,Parvati.


Ganga was born to King Himavan and queen Mainavati.She accompanied them to visit the balaji temple.On their way,they came across a Shakti Peetha and protected it. It was here,that Ganga met Lord Shiva. When she saw him,she felt strongly attracted towards him. But later,when she expressed her feeling for him to him,he got angry and told her that he only loved Sati and would not marry anyone else except an incarnation of Adi Shakti. He also told her to forget about him and then went away. But,he also gave her a boon that she would be able to cleanse any sins and would always remain pure and sacred.

Due to she boon of her's,Lord Bramha requested her to go to the Swarga(heaven),in order to cleanse the sins of the gods. Hence,she turned into a river and ascended to the Swarga. She then came to know that her sister,Parvati was going to marry Shiva.