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Chandraghanta is the third form of Goddess Durga, she is the third among Navadurgas. She is known as Chandika or Ramchandi. Her name means 'one who has the moon as a bell'. Her form is almost similar to Durga, because Chandraghanta holds the moon in her forehead. She is the warrior form of Parvati.

Eight-Armed Goddess Durga as Chandraghanta Riding on Her Lion

Eight-Armed Durga as Chandraghanta Riding on a Lion

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Goddess Durga as Chandraghanta

Eight-Armed Chandraghanta Riding on Tiger

Maa Durga as Chandraghanta


Chandraghanta's form is very serene and victorious, weapons are strongly held in her eight hands, her third eye is always open, Chandraghanta's vehicle is a lion, she is always prepared for war.


On her head, she has a half-moon in the shape of a bell. Hence, Devi Durga's third force is named Goddess Chandraghanta, her vehicle is a lion. The bell produces a terrible sound which scares every demon, monster, ogre and giant, and on the other side, her devotees visualize her image as enjoyable and victorious with them, if one experiences fearlessness. Chandraghanta has a gold complexion, three eyes, wears a half-moon on her crown, wearing red garments, jewels, possessing eight hands, holding a discus, conch shell, bow, arrow, sword, shield, trident and mace, riding on a lion or a tiger.