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Brahmacharini Meditating

Brahmacharini Parvati Meditating on Lord Shiva

Brahmacharini is the second form of Goddess Durga, she is the second among Navadurgas. Variously she is known as Tapaswini, Tapasyacharini and Parvati. She is also the daughter of King Himavan. Her name means 'one who practices devout austerities'. In her pure form of Parvati, she is also King Himavan's daughter too. Brahmacharini is also a name of Parvati too. Brahma means penance and Charini means a female follower.


In order to obtain Lord Shiva as her husband, Parvati (Shailputri) performed severe penance for many years only on the diet of flowers and fruits, after that, many more years have passed, she was also on another diet of Bilva leaves. Shailputri with patience was continually fasting. After forsaking the leaves, she became known as Aparna (one who took no sustenance). By worshipping Brahmacharini, one receives devotion, penance, sacrifice, asceticism, good conduct and nobility. Brahmacharini holds in her two hands, a rosary on one hand and a waterpot in the other.


Brahmacharini has a gold complexion, she is dressed like a female priestess, in her two hands held a rosary and a waterpot.

Brahmacharini Holding a Rosary and Waterpot

Brahmacharini Devi