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Lord Brahma

Brahma is the Hindu god of creation and one of the Trimurti. Prajapati Daksh is one of his Manas Putra. Goddess Saraswati is his wife. In the series,he is always trying to unite Goddess Adi Shakti and Lord Shiva.

He is portrayed by Radha Krishna Dutt.


Brahma is depicted with four heads, four faces, and four arms.He also has white hair and a white beard.Brahma holds no weapons. One of his hands holds a kamandalu, another of his hands holds a lotus flower.Brahmā is also shown holding the Vedas and a string of prayer beads called the 'akṣamālā' (literally "garland of eyes"), which he uses to keep track of the Universe's time.


  • Immortality: He along with the other two members of the Trimurti and Goddess Adi Shakti are immortal.
  • Teleportation:He is known to appear when called upon.
  • Disguise:He once disguised as an old bramhin in front of Sati in order to lift Lord Shiva's curse of non-worshipment,given to him by Prajapati Daksh.