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Lord Shiva's anger continues. Vishnu tells Brahma and Narad Muni that Daksh has cursed Mahadev but not Shakti who is Sati and by worshipping her, Mahadev's anger can be calmed down. Vishnu makes a plan - he realises that Sati needs to be taken out of the Daksha Rekha and so appears in fron of Daksh and insists Daksh to create a new planet, substituting Chandrama before his death. Daksha's inflated ego fails his mind to understand that this is just a trick. To create a new planet, Daksh removes the Rekha around Sati as she is the only one blessed with all the virtues required to bring soil from river Saraswati. Meanwhile, Rishi Kashyap and Maharshi Atri plead Rishi Markandeya to chant Maha Mrutunjaya Mantra to bring back the paralysed Chandrama.

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