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Turning stone-hearted towards Sati's feelings, Lord Shiva dispels Sati from Kailash. Furious seeing Sati's attraction towards him, Mahadev admonishes her love calling it a fortuity. Broken-hearted with Mahadev's disdain, Sati returns back teary eyed, lost in her thoughts. Prasuti narrates the story of Shaligram and Tulsi's marriage to her daughters. Assuming Shiva's support to be with the Gods, an infuriated Shukracharya prepares his army for the war. Daksh states that the reason for preparation of special place for Mahadev in the Mahamandal can be known after Mahadev joins the meeting. Madanike approaches Sati to know the reason for her grief, Sati mentions that she has met Mahadev again.

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