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Lord Shiva sings a melodious raga to control the damage done by Narad Muni to the group of the singers. Sati is surprisingly mesmerized listening to this melodious raga. As if hypnotised by Shiva's song, Sati walks towards his direction. Attracted completely to the rhythm of Mahadev's raga, Sati dances to the song. Seeing Sati standing before himself, Lord Shiva leaves. Sati is in shock, unable to understand her state of mind. Narad Muni is elated seeing his cacophony worked well.

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Shivji comes there hearing Narad's prayer. Narad want's to tell him about what had happened , but is stopped by Shivji, with a smile on his face he sits under a tree. A Veena appears near him, he starts singing while playing Veena .

Sati hears this, she turns to find out the source, from where this sound is coming. Nature shows her pleasure with blooming flowers. All the raag- raagini's are conscious now, hearing Shivji's music & song, they all start dancing to the tune of the music. Sati gets drawn towards, Shivji's singing, starts walking in the direction of the song. Now Narad is singing in sur. Amazing music & dance is shown.

Sati starts walking fast in the direction of the music & song. She is running now to reach the place from where the sound is coming. She finally reaches there, is mesmerized hearing Shivji singing, starts dancing, all the raag- raaginis stop dancing & are watching her dance. Sati stops dancing, keeps on looking at Shivji. But Shivji gets up & disappears from there.

Daksh tells Prasuti, he will take time to come back from yagya. In his absence Chandra will handle everything about Vasantotsava, Khyati, Aditi , Sati, will help him. He tells her to take care of everything, specially Sati. Prasuti says you give me the same instructions, everytime you go out for yagya, now I know them by heart.

Maharshi Bhrigu comes to meet Daksh, he expresses his displeasure over calling Shivji. He tells Daksh to permit him to remain absent from the yagya. Daksha tells Maharshi Bhrigu, your presence is important for me, all Saptarishi's presence is required in all my yagyas, you will understand at that time, the actual motive.

Sati is wondering about whatever had happened. Narad asks Sati how come she is here, must have got attracted towards Shivji's song. Had he waited then she could have met him. Sati says she hasn't come here to meet him. Narad says then you must be here to receive these rag- raaginis. They all greet her. Sati tells them to come with her.

While leaving raag Hindol asks Narad, you are a very good singer, but why were you singing besura today? Narad tells him, you won't understand, but it was for welfare of the universe.