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Shiva first look

Sati is mesmerized seeing Shiva. Daksh decries Shiva's importance and his presence among his followers. Rishi Dadhichi condemns Daksh's statements against Shiva. An arrogant Daksh boasts of being the son of the creator,Brahma. Lord Shiva interrupts Daksh saying that he must not self-praise for contributing to the well-being of this world. When Sati tries to apologize to Daksh for placing the Shivling in the temple, Daksh pronounces an elusive punishment for her.

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Scene continues with Lord Shiva being welcomed in the palace by the prayers of the Shiva-bhaktas and Sati spellbound. Sati has her stare locked on Him. Shiva talks extremely politely and charmingly despite Daksh's continuous assaults and insults. Daksh says that he wanted to show how unworthy Lord was to his people. He says that no rule is required to worship Lord Shiva making him less worthy. Shiva-bhakta's try to quiten him but he does not.

Shiva is nowhere near angry and is calm and serene like a pure spanse of white snow. Shiva praises Daksh and explains that no great man had to praise him himself. Shiva says how he's "Vairagi" (hermit) and is not interested in praises. but he will continue to destroy everything that divides man, especially religious myhts.

As Shiva ji leaves, Sati is automatically drawn towards him but is stopped by Daksh's roar. She is reduced to tears.

Sati's sister Khyatti is angry and complaining to her younger sister about Sati. She feels that she did it purposely to defame their father and is at fault.

Sati is sorry while Khyatti continues to rebuke her. Finally Sati is consoled by her mother and she goes to her father to apologize for the wrong she unknowingly commited by placing the "Shivling" in the temple.

Sati apologizes to Daksh in front of the entire gathering in the hall and tries to explain herself but Daksh declares that she must give up food <anna> for next seven days and can only consume fruits and write Lord Vishnu's name on 1 lac lotus flowers before he forgives her. He also keeps a condition that she must never think about Shiva for another moment. Sati agrees.