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Seeing Nandi greeting Sati, Daksh loses his temper. Sati spots King Daksh staring at Nandi and inquires to Rishi Kashyap about Nandi. Listening to Rishi Kashyap about Nandi being Lord Shiva's carrier, Sati gets jolted and runs to meet Prajapati Daksh. Nandi, on the other hand describes Devi Sati to Shiva. Lord Shiva clears to Nandi about him being a Vairagya and will not be involving in a Grihastha life. Clueless about things, Sati rushes to meet Daksh to clear the misconception of she being related to Shiva.

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The Episodes starts today with Nandi thanking Sati for the flowers and again calling her Ma. No wonder that Sati immediately relented and gave him the flowers without even delving deep into his identity or intentions.

Daksh sees this conversation and recognizes Nandi and gets flashbacks of Rishi Dadhichi entering the palace and then Shivji's advent on his big day...and gets angry...Prasuti also sees Nandi and sees Daksha getting angry and immediately tries to pacify him and defending Sati...telling him that Sati is not at fault...Daksh tells her to send Sati to her room and walks away...

Sati looks back and sees Daksh standing on the terrace (or balcony) and his angry face and is taken a back...she sees Rishi Kashyap standing behind her too...and understands by his expressions that he must be knowing Nandi... She asks him ...about Nandi ...and he denies to tell her anything...she pursues it and tells him that she feels that something is wrong...looking at his expressions and also her father's reaction to the new comer...Rishi Kashyap tells her that he was Nandi...Shivji's vehicle...and leaves a shocked Sati behind...

On the otherside,Nandi is ecstatic in Kailash and calls for the two gana ...Gana and Pret and tells them that he saw 'MA' and runs towards Shivji and tells him that he saw Ma and brought the lotus... Shivji is in deep meditation...and Nandi tries to bring him out of the meditation...

Shivji on knowing the reason for Nandi's happiness tells him to throw the lotus.Nandi gets upset,and tries leaving.Then Mahadev calls him back and in a milder tone tells him that he did not wish to upset Nandi.but Nandi knows that Mahadev is a Vairagi...and he has abandoned the worldly desires.he cannot be bound in the rules and regulations.He roams sometimes on the graveyard.and gets lost in meditation for years.he cannot drag anyone in this.

Nandi is sad but he nods and walks away.

There Prasuti tells Sati to go to her father's daily pooja.Sati is afraid of her father's anger but Prasuti tells her that she is a brahmin's daughter..she has to be steady and cannot let her anxieties interfere in her daily Pooja..

Sati goes where Daksha is doing havan pooja and sits there, clearly afraid and anxious and starts mantra chanting.